David Marsh has been in the film distribution, broadcasting and license business for 25 years, 15 of these in acquisitions. In that time he has attended over 100 market events and negotiated license acquisitions deals for hundreds of movies. He is highly familiar with the location, layout and best practice at the major markets. His track record has made him a trusted negotiating partner for sales companies around the world. The transition from being an employee at a distribution company to becoming an independent acquisitions consultant allows him to offer this wealth of experience to multiple clients around the globe, helping them improve their decision-making processes and expand their businesses.




  • 15 years experience in licence acquisitions and sales.
  • More than 25 years in the business as a whole, including publicity, marketing, TV programming.
  • A wealth of experience with deal negotiations and acquisitions strategies.
  • Extremely well versed with acquisitions contracts, including the standard IFTA terms.
  • Experience with TV and VOD contracts, including major studio deal terms.
  • A respected and trusted partner with a global network in the international film trade.
  • Native speaker of English; sounds like a native speaker in German.



Professional Biography:


Although born and raised in Britain, my teachers at school inspired me to see more of the world, immerse myself in other cultures and learn to speak more than just English. I’ve never looked back and my path has finally led me to make my home in Germany. I’ve turned my passion for movies into a career and following spells as a theatrical publicist, film trade journalist and TV programmer, I’m happy to have found my vocation in licence acquisitions and sales. Previous companies where I’ve worked include Concorde Film (part of the Tele-München Group); the pay broadcaster Premiere (now Sky); the Kirch Group, which spearheaded the licensing of film rights and the establishment of the private broadcasting model in Germany; Tiberius Film, a leading independent distributor focussed on video and VOD, and finally MFA+, one of Germany’s oldest, most experienced, arthouse distribution companies. My professional dealings over the last 15 years have included negotiations with major studios such as Disney, Sony and MGM, as well as leading independent sales companies such as The Weinstein Company, IM Global, Lionsgate, Voltage, Sierra/Affinity, eOne, Pathé, StudioCanal, Protagonist, TrustNordisk, Nikkatsu, Gaumont and many others.

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